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When your Hotmail Account is not working, first question that you have is...Is Hotmail Down Today??
And the answer is NO, because it is very rare that Hotmail servers are down. It is possible once or twice maximum in a year but not every week. So it is the problem with your Hotmail Account.
In todays world technology is growing at a very fast rate, everyday a new Technology is invented. And with the help of this technology we make if life style little easy. But what if that Technology start creating Problem, then it will be difficult.
Hotmail provides one of the best Email Services, but so sometimes you might get some problems with your Hotmail Account or you might notice that Your Hotmail Not Working.

Now first let us discuss the Problems a person may face with the Hotmail Account:

Browser is not supporting the Email Account, you can not see emails on Computer
Your Hotmail Account is being compromised or has been Blocked
Someone might be using your Account
You get a notification of password is incorrect when you login to your account
You are trying to send the emails but is not going, and same is the case with receiving Emails.
Sync with Phone Error., or Hotmail Mailer Daemon Error
Hotmail Call us Overprotective Problem.
Outlook Express Sync with Hotmail Account. And many more.

But still You Do not Have to worry about the Hotmail problems, as we have Hotmail support which will take care of all the hotmail problems,
Just Call us on 0800 112 0038 Toll Free or Mail us on SUPPORT@HOTMAILSUPPORT.UK