Question : Why is Hotmail Support or Outlook Support or Microsoft Account Support is a paid support when the account is for FREE?

Answer : First of all Microsoft Outlook or Microsoft Hotmail has more than a Billion Email account users, it's next to impossible for Microsoft Hotmail or Microsoft Outlook to provide support to each and every person in this world, because Microsoft Hotmail or Microsoft Outlook has got Billions of customer and its not possible to take billions of calls everyday. That's the reason, while searching for Microsoft Hotmail support or Microsoft Outlook support people most of the time land on a third party website which is not microsoft. Secondly, the charge is only for the services that we provide you in order to get you your account back. You lost you Microsoft Hotmail Account or Microsoft Outlook Account, because either you have been a victim of phishing email or hacking or a virus/malware infection, or you have used your Microsoft Hotmail Account or Microsoft Outlook Account on a device with a low security on it. If you have forgotten the password for your Microsoft Hotmail Account or Microsoft Outlook Account, and none of the recovery option is working this charge still applies. The charge is only applicable once the Problem is resolved.

Question : How can i secure my Hotmail Account, So that it don't get hacked?

Answer: Keep on check the Rules in the Hotmail Account settings under Options, frequently change the pssword, setup an app password for the mobile devices like iPhone, iPad, android Phones Etc, and enable 2 step verification on the Hotmail Account or Outlook Account so that the account remains secure. But make sure that the recovery otions on the account always work, otherwise if the 2 step verification is ON, you wont be able to fill the Hotmail Account Recovery Request Form.

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