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*How To Print An Email In Hotmail Account or Outlook Account

How Can I Print A Part Of My Hotmail Account Emails?
There is no "PRINT BUTTON" sign to click.

This is one of the biggest Hotmail Problem that most of the people face. Sometimes you get Air ticket, important documents and a lot more things that you want to take a print of. Now when you take a print of an Email From your Hotmail Account you get something like this.,

Hotmail Print Problem
Full Screen Print

But when we print any document from our Hotmail Account or Outlook Account along with the Document we get the right and left panel on the print as well. So now the question is How can we Print only the Document in the Email. Do we need any other Hotmail Support Software or Hotmail Support Plugins to take a print of only the documents?

Now the answer to the Question which is How can we Print only the Document from an Hotmail Account is here... On the Right panel of the Hotmail Account or Outlook Account there is a navigation button "ACTIONS", Click on Actions, and select the 3rd Last option which is "Print Message". After that it will take you to the Printing Page from where you can take the print of any Document. This is Something like this;

Hotmail Email Print Problem
Locate Action Button

Hotmail Support for Email Print Problem
Locate Print Message Butoon

**POP, IMAP and SMTP Settings For Hotmail Account or Outlook Account or Outlook Express

If you want to add your Hotmail Account or Outlook Account to your Outlook Express then this could be done by the following process. It will give you following fields Please type in the information Correctly in all the fields.

1) Your Name : Type in the Name that you want others to see, when you send the Email, like your Name on the Hotmail Account.

2) Email Address: Your Email Address of Hotmail Account like

3) Account Type : Select IMAP from Outlook Express (Internet Message Access Protocol).

4) Incoming Mail Server : (Hotmail Support).

5) Outgoing Mail Server : (Hotmail Support).

6) User Name : User name is again your Hotmail Account Email Address like

7) Password : Your Hotmail Account or Outlook Account Password, if the two step verification is not enabled on the Hotmail Account. If Two Step Verification is enabled on the Hotmail or Outlook Account then the App password generated while activating the two step verification process in Hotmail Account or Outlook Account.

8) Remember Password : This Option is optional.

9) Require logon using secure password authentication : This should be disabled, so don’t check it. Let it be unchecked.

Now Under More Settings under Outgoing server tab Follow These Steps:

10) My outgoing server requires authentication(SMTP) : This should be Enabled

11) Use same settings as my incoming mail server : This should be enabled too

Now Under More Settings under Advanced tab Follow these Steps:

12) Incoming Server (IMAP) : Type in the figure 993 in IMAP

13) Use the Following type of encryption : Choose SSL from the drop down

14) Outgoing Server (SMTP) : Normally its 587, But if SSL is enabled then the value is 465

15) Use the Following type of encryption connection : Always choose TSL, if TSL is not available then choose SSL, instead of TSL.

16) Leave a copy of message on the server : Always check the check box. It will help you recover deleted emails.

And Server timeouts should always be long, so that if you have any email with big attachments they can get enough time to get downloaded on the computer otherwise you will stop receiving Emails.

This Whole Process can be done as Follows :

Hotmail Problem Solution by Hotmail Support
Steps to Follow

POP3 for Hotmail Support
Steps to follow

Hotmail Outlook Errors Outlook Express
Steps to follow

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